Conquering the world! Not.

Monday (challenge day 24) – UrbanEdge Bootcamp (60min)

Tuesday (challenge day 25) – Leisurely walk because I could barely move from bootcamp (30min)

Wednesday (challenge day 26) – Fail…I didn’t do anything other than walk from the subway to work…not 30mins worth

Thursday (challenge day 27) – Street run (7.5km/40min)

Friday (challenge day 28) – Street run (4.5km/30min)

Today (challenge day 29)) – BodyStep (60min) + BodyPump (60min)

I started the week off realllly well. At least I thought I did. Last summer I was all over Monday night bootcamp. I mean I craved Monday nights…like a fat kid craves delicious chocolate cake. But then I went into “winter mode”…a mixture of not wanting to work out in the cold, the realization it was now becoming severely dark before 5pm, and just a hint of laziness. Ok it was more than just a hint. So 3 months came and went faster than I could say “what the F am I thinking?!”.

So Monday night, I ventured over after work, full of motivation and ready to get back into the bootcamp swing. Needless to say, I figured I could jump right back in where I left off. Holy f**king wake up call. Once we were finished I kid you not, I texted a friend of mine to warn him that I was struggling to walk home, and to call the search party if I hadn’t sent a “I’M HOME AND ALIVE” message within an hour.

In case you’re wondering – I made it home.

Therefore, Tuesday night, instead of coming home from work and crashing on my couch I put on my running shoes and went for the mandatory 30min walk. It was slow…dangerously slow…I’m sure drivers by mistook me for a 90 year old woman…but I did it.

Wednesday was when I hit the fail mark. I went for dinner with my cousin after work, and after one wee a few big glasses of wine I a had zero interest in doing anything when I got home other than showering and going to bed. It’s a little frustrating in hindsight, considering I had made it 26/30 days,but whatcha gonna do? I’ll still finish out the 30 days, and there’s always next time. It’s a challenge…no one says you’ll be perfect, but it’s better to try then to not do it at all.

Which brings me to today. I went to the gym (for the first time in a while), because I was getting really tired of the outside running and power workouts at home. I needed a change up.

And a change up, I got. Feeling ever so eager beaver I ran to the gym (about 20min away), did a 60min Body Step class, and a 60min BodyPump class. After which I walked home…ever so slowly.












I obviously look exactly like both of these women when doing these classes…

Anyways, onto important things. I cam home feeling like I could CONQUER THE WORLD! exhausted but happy I woke up early and put in a solid work out. Bets on how I’m feeling tomorrow? I’d been willing to bet against myself. Exactly.

Now I’m on the couch baking cookies and watching a Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s marathon. You got that right. Gotta love Saturdays.

Song of the day: Bastille – Pompeii

Motivation for the day:



Closer than I was yesterday

Wednesday (challenge day 19) – Street run (6km/40min)

Thursday (challenge day 20) – Street run (4.5km/30min)

Friday (challenge day 21) – Leisurely walk outside (30min)

Saturday (challenge day 22) – Street run (7.5km/40min)

Today (challenge day 23) – Street run (9.5km/60min)

7 days left! The challenge has been a lot easier this time around than last. Something I was definitely not expecting.

The last two days, we’ve been majoring spoiled: +10 degrees in the middle of January? Where do we live? This has been unreal. Not only that, but honestly this nicer weather has put me in a fabulous mood! Nothing a little sunshine can’t fix, right?

I’m not going to get my hopes up though. If I remember correctly (which I usually do), this somewhat happened last year, and it turned ugly cold again. Fast.

So like anything and everything, I’m just enjoying it while it’s here.

Song of the day: Dan Croll – From Nowhere

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Thursday (challenge day 13) – Power walk outside (35min)

Friday (challenge day 14) – Leisurely walk outside (40min)

Saturday (challenge day 15) – Street run (6.5km/35min)

Sunday (challenge day 16) – Street run (10.5km/60min) + power workout x1 (15min)

Yesterday (challenge day 17) – Power workout x1 (15min) + Yoga stretches (15min)

Today (challenge day 18) – Street run (5km/25min)

Whoaa nelly it’s been a few days. Seriously, where did they go? It’s like I blinked and it was magically January 8th.

I’ve clearly been watching way too much Once Upon a Time.

In all seriousness though, as I put this post together, rather than scold myself for delaying since my last post, I’m looking at this now as a good “whole” view of what I’ve been doing the last few days of this 30 day challenge. And as you can see, it hasn’t been anything agressive nor has it been anything exciting. To be honest, I almost feel as though my body is in a bit of a slump. I’m hoping now that I’m over the 15 day hump I get a little bit of energy back.

It’s been a bit tough some nights: not feeling like running or working out when I get home and trying to wake myself early enough in the morning to fit some cardio in is pretty much completely out of the question. It’s all I can do to get myself out of that damn bed to go to work. I solely attribute this to the “Post Holiday Slump” or the “January Blahs” if you may.

Well holy toledo it’s time to snap out of it.

It’s times like these, when you’re getting bored, or lacking energy, or becoming a bit too lazy that you have to find different work outs to fit in. Take tomorrow for instance, I’m going to throw in some rock climbing and Thursday I’m tempted to try hot yoga again. Tempted. I didn’t say it was a for sure.


Amen sista.

On a separate note, when I signed onto this account tonight it congratulated me with a “1 year anniversary” message. I can’t believe I was worried at the beginning of this post about how it jumped from Jan 2 to Jan 8 in the blink of an eye. I clearly should be more concerned that it jumped from Jan 8 2012 to Jan 8 2013 in the flick of a switch.


Song of the day: Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

Motivation for the day:



All I gotta say is…

Monday (challenge day 10) – Power workout x2 (15min each)

Yesterday (challenge day 11) – Street run (6.25km/36min)

Today (challenge day 12) – Street run (9km/48min)


(Yes, I know I’m a day late. But better late than never.)


2013: A new year, a fresh start, and time to get our butts in gear.


Although I may not have been feeling the hottest yesterday, and was pretty damn lazy all morning, I forced myself out that door. It wasn’t the longest run, it wasn’t the easiest run, and it most definitely wasn’t the prettiest run, but I did it. And then I came home and collapsed, not moving again until it was time to go to bed.

Oh, and, thank god at least one store was open yesterday. This head of hair was in dire need of a serious wash, and that’s right, door knob over here didn’t have any shampoo left. So all I gotta say is good thing for 7-Eleven, and good thing for 2-in-1.

Song of the day (I was introduced to this song recently, and can’t seem to get enough, so I want to introduce you to it too – it’s that good): Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In The Open

Motivation for the day:





Definitely worth waiting for

Friday (challenge day 7) – Street run (8.5km/45min)

Yesterday (challenge day 8) – Street run (8.5km/50min)

Today (challenge day 9) – Street/path run (9.5km/65min)

Still at my parents place for the holidays, we experienced a few massive dumps of snow. The beauty of living in the Kawarthas I suppose. As you can see by my times above, I’ve been a real record setter this weekend. The city has a serious problem with that wee thing we call “snow plowing” which subsequently makes running in the snow one million times harder.

That is correct,  I’ve accurately calculated the exact hardness of winter running. I don’t know why I work in advertising when I could clearly be a genius mathematician.

I swear during today’s run I felt as though I was running tires on the beach. Not something I felt like doing, which is why I’m so glad I had my brother’s fiancée to run with. It makes a HUGE difference running with someone…like, as in, you can’t quit slow down or stop whenever you feel like it.


This is one struggle I’ve had for a while. As much as I love running, and as much as I love how I feel when I’m finished running, getting myself out the door never gets easier. I find the time leading up to leaving, and the initial few minutes of the run as though it’s all I can do to push myself to get going. Usually come the 2nd or 3rd km I perk up and typically have more energy finishing than I did starting, but getting to the point is NO. EASY. TASK.

Strange. I know.





Song of the day: Marianas Trench – Stutter

Motivation for the day:


The Whole Time, All the Time

Yesterday (challenge day 5) – Power workout (2x15min)

Today (challenge day 6) – Walked the dog (40min)…and no, that’s not some whack unknown dance routine

For the first time in years (I can’t even remember how long ago) I braved the boxing day crowds to check out some shopping yesterday. We made it to Wal-Mart and Costco, and I ended up with a couple books…


I can now safely say, that if I ever go boxing day shopping again it’ll be too soon. 30min was 3omin too much.

Today’s workout was supposed to be a bit on the light side. I didn’t wear any running gear, just bundled up in my rubber boots, winter jacket, toque, and mittens assuming it would be a fairly leisurely walk. That was my first mistake. Jack has no idea what “leisurely” means.



In addition to that the snowy blizzard that made it’s way into town last night made walking on the roads (and streets for that matter) triple the workout.


He’s also a big fan of rolling over and over and over and over and over in the snow…

Lastly, in true Christmas fashion, we ventured to the movie theatre today to see Les Miz. Two words: A-MAZING.

Song of the day: The Sheep Dogs – Feeling Good

Motivation for the day:









Another Trans-Atlantic Christmas

Sunday (challenge day 2) – Street run (5km/28min) + 15min power workout

Yesterday (challenge day 3) – Street run (5.75km/34min)

Today (challenge day 4) – Street run (7.25km/45min)

Merry Christmas! It’s pretty crazy how fast this day comes (and goes). So much time, effort, and work is put into planning today, and it’s over before you know it! Regardless, it was a pretty phenomenal day – lots of eating, hanging out, playing games, and of course a drink or two was involved.


With my brother away (again), we put the beauty of that little thingy called the world wide web to good use. If we didn’t know any better, it was almost as though he was actually here in person. Good thing we know better.


We did however make a side pact, that this won’t happen again. No more being away for the holidays. No more newspaper articles about hanging out on Skype. It’s quite simply, not cool. Well the newspaper thing kind of is, but the being away for the holidays, not so much.


Are you a fan of Pinterest? Do you use it often?

I go in waves, but when I’m on, I’m on. And well this week has been, well, “on”. Feeling like the ever crafty person I am I’m not we tempted to make our own ornaments. And by “we”, I mean I convinced my brother’s fiancée to do it with me.


Of course this involved wine. Did you really think it wouldn’t?

The result? It wasn’t nearly as easy and quick as the website made it out to be. Just call me Little Miss Naive. Nor were the ornaments as perfect as they looked in the photos. But still, not too shabby for first timers.


Still trekking along on the 30 Day Challenge – the last few days have included mostly running outside and some of those power workouts I mentioned in my last post. The weather has been pretty ok minus the ice on the sidewalks, but this just means choosing a route that allows me to run for the most part on the roads. AKA busy roads bustling with traffic won’t do. As though that’s even an option in this town.

My runs have been a bit shorter than usual, and I blame that solely on the fact that I’ve been going in the only direction that has hills. Mmm yep, not quite sure about why I’m “choosing” to run hills…but so you have it. Was I feeling over eager? Sure. Let’s just leave it at that.

Song of the day: Chvrches – The Mother We Share

Motivation for the day: